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 Bases & discs
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   Stickers for discs

  Decals Teams

 Complete sets
   6 aside
   Paint your own pro set
   6 a Side
  Camp Nou
   6 a Side
   Painted keepers
   FlickMaster Metal
   With decals
   DeLuxe edition
   Spare goalies
   Digital timers
   Stickers for discs
   Side advertising
Small orders
Small parcells always are sent by Correo Argentino, this is the national argentine post service. We have sent a big number of orders all arround the world and the 100% of this arrive perfectly.
Orders can be controled by a number calling to the official post service of your country.
All orders goes out from Argentina in 3 or 4 days after we send the parcell. Since this moment the responsibility is of the national post service in your contry.
Big orders for clubs or resellers
If you are interested in big order (near 7 kg or more) we can use DHL it´s faster and the cost is lower for this volumens. The ussual dealy to Europe or USA or Canada is 3 to 4 days.


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